Eli is an exclusive offer to dress up and feel like the designers image of the world as it should be: fresh, exciting and pure luxury.


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Elias Rumelis alias Eli

Who said, fashion must be the one way or the other? Elias Rumelis and his independent label fight stricture ever since, proving successfully that boutique fashion is not limited to mainstream paradigms. Combining avant-garde thinking with urban toughness, bringing high class attitude to the streets.

new brand


With his new line, Eli by Elias Rumelis, the designer shifts his undertaking onto a new and more personal level. Strongly influenced by his associative and pictorial way of thinking, Eli creates characters of his kind rather than clothes. Changing the perspective from „who would wear it?“ to „who will you become wearing it?“



To make his vision come to life, Eli commissioned his partner ateliers with a special task: not to produce a sample collection but to craft a few pieces of the „unrealizable“ designs. Entirely by hand. Ensuring the best quality possible, allowing to make lavish use of the finest materials and most filigree techniques, resulting in goods looking for their like.

Voilà, true Eli. Creating unusual styles, that are anything but mainstream, for people, who aren’t either. Looking for anything but the ordinary? Then you will find yourself getting obsessed with the pieces and the story behind them.